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Our Family Recipes

Anchovy Soldiers
17 June 2021
An easy-to-make starter that matches perfectly with the Primo Prosecco! The simplicity of this little dish belies its sheer decadent delight.
Goat's Curd Pinzimonio with JOSEPH Olive Oil
26 August 2020
This popular Italian appetiser takes only a moment to put together and is universally loved by fans of fresh, seasonal produce.
Grilled Octopus with Smoky Chorizo
1 December 2022
A seafood starter like no other. This dish is smoky, crispy, salty...and downright delicious! It's heaven on earth when served with a chilled glass of our Fiano.
Joe's Grilled Mussels
26 May 2021
Joe's favourite seafood appetizer - toasty grilled mussels. Perfect with a chilled bottle of La Biondina!
Prosecco Christmas Cocktail
28 November 2023
...with fresh cherries, mint, and a dash of fortified wine!
Seared Scallops with Pancetta and Cauliflower Purée
9 October 2019
A classic combination of flavours inspired by traditional Venetian cooking, this dish comes alive when paired with the delightful new Primo Estate Prosecco.
Venetian Antipasto Trio
19 March 2020
This month’s recipe is inspired by our latest arrival from Northern Italy: the 2019 Primo & Co Venetian. What better way to enjoy this wine than with some traditional Venetian cicchetti - delicious little bites to snack on before a meal.