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Celebrating La Dolce Vita

Secondo - Main Dishes

Agnello Cacio e Ova
11 April 2019
This dish from the Abruzzo region of Italy is traditionally served at Easter, but is also delicious during the cooler nights of Autumn and Winter. The unlikely addition of egg and pecorino to lamb creates a creamy, rich sauce perfect for full-bodied reds!
Baked Whole Baby Snapper - A Simple Summer Favourite
1 January 2017
I just love cooking whole fresh fish. Do the fish justice and keep it simple with superb produce.... and a bottle of the gorgeous JOSEPH Pinot Grigio d'Elena alongside!
Beef Braised in Red Wine
29 June 2018
Surprisingly simple but absolutely delicious, this braised beef dish is a winter warmer guaranteed to do justice to our JOSEPH Angel Gully Shiraz.
Bigole in Salsa
8 April 2013
This is a traditional Veneto dish. The perfect autumn dish, it is usually served, in our family, at lunch on Good Friday. It is one of my favourite dishes. Bigoli is actually the name of a large type of spaghetti.
Calamari alla Siciliana
7 March 2019
This will be your new favourite Summer seafood dish. The caramelised edges of the squid create a delicious combination with thickened olive oil and juicy potatoes. You won't have to worry about leftovers!
Chicken Scaloppine
29 January 2018
This easy Italian classic is a perfect summer dish, best paired with Primo Estate La Biondina Colombard.
Cotoletta alla Bolognese
6 December 2019
This variation on classic Italian crumbed steak comes from Bologna - the food capital of Italy! Prosciutto and Parmesan cheese add a richness that makes it perfect for generous reds like the JOSEPH Nebbiolo.
Crab, Lime & Chilli Spaghetti
9 April 2013
A quick and easy seasonal recipe from our friends at Sydney Seafood School. Perfect for anyone currently enjoying the bounty of a lime tree in the garden. This dish partners beautifully with the refreshing citrus flavours of our La Biondina Colombard.
Dell'Ugo Ragu
8 June 2014
Dell'Ugo Restaurant in Brisbane's New Farm is one of Joe's favourite places to eat when he's in Queensland. They've kindly shared the secret of their stunningly rich and flavoursome ragu.
Easter Lamb Stew
31 March 2014
Warm, hearty stew is the perfect family meal for a chilly Autumn day. The perfect partner for our rich, spicy Primo Estate Shale Stone Shiraz.
Georgina's Marche Inspired Eggplant Parmigiana
25 October 2017
One of Georgina’s absolute favourite dishes whist honeymooning in Le Marche on Italy’s Adriatic coast has been based on the eternal Eggplant Parmigiana – but with a twist.
Joe's Family Favourite Pasta
4 April 2013
Joe says 'You know you have a real crowd pleaser when there are NEVER any leftovers no matter how much you cook - this is one of them'. Absolutely delicious with a bottle of Primo Estate Merlesco Merlot.
Lamb Chops Baked with Artichokes and Potato
28 July 2016
The cherry tannins of our straight Sangiovese was made for this heart warming family favourite.
Lasagna Vincisgrassi
16 May 2019
Vincisgrassi is the traditional Le Marche take on Lasagna. There's a bit of effort behind it, but the result is food for the soul.
Linguine al Vongole
4 April 2013
Dina used to say that one taste of this classic dish transported her to a restaurant in Venice with the waters of the Grand Canal lapping at her feet. Try her quick and easy recipe for a taste of Venice in your own home.
Maiale Al Latte
15 June 2016
This elegant winter dish requires an elegant wine - we love to accompany this dish with our JOSEPH Nebbiolo
Marche Inspired Involtini di Vitello
10 May 2016
In our week’s stay in Le Marche during October 2016 we were inspired to cook these delicious Veal Involtini. A not too heavy, medium bodied red is ideal with this quite delicate veal dish. Nebbiolo would be my first choice followed by anything with Sangiovese in it…maybe our Primo Estate Il Briccone Shiraz Sangiovese or Primo & Co The Tuscan Shiraz Sangiovese.
Penne with Italian Stir Fried Fish
8 April 2013
This delicious pasta sauce is perfect for anyone enjoying the bounty of tomatoes fresh from the garden.
Pollo alla ‘Ncip ‘Nciap
18 July 2019
Pollo 'ncip 'nciap (pronounced 'jip and jap') is a delicious, homely chicken dish which originates from the town of Offida in central Italy.
Pollo in Umido - Venetian Chicken Stew
1 October 2015
A really homely, soulful dish that warms the cockles of one's heart. This simple supper comes from my mother-in-law's Venetian family.
Porcini & Cacao Risotto
4 April 2013
When long time Amici Primo Andrew and Justin Lind told us they'd found the perfect match for our JOSEPH Nebbiolo we knew they were serious as they not only sent us the recipe but also included a block of the heavenly Willie's Cacao for us to use! General Manager Richard cooked up a batch for the team one lunchtime and the empty plates and Nebbiolo bottle showed that Andrew and Justine were on to a winner. This recipe is kindly provided by Willie's Cacao, but we warn you to be very careful clicking on the link, their products are addictively delicious!
Pork Chops a la Malta
25 July 2017
Simple, heartwarming and satisfying, this traditional Maltese dish from Georgina's family is proof that less is more. This goes beautifully with our Primo Estate Shale Stone Shiraz.
Pork Chops with Fennel Seed and Mustard
17 September 2013
This crowd pleaser is a staple in the Grilli family. The bold flavours demand a rich and spicy red like the 2012 Primo Estate il Briccone Shiraz Sangiovese
Quaglie in Umido
8 April 2013
A traditional method of cooking game birds, my mother often cooked this dish on Easter Sunday. She would also cook her home-grown pigeons this way.
Ragu di Funghi con Polenta
29 May 2018
This hearty dish is a perfect winter warmer on a chilly day, it's so meaty it is hard to believe it's vegetarian! Best enjoyed paired with our Shale Stone Shiraz.
Risotto Con Salsicce E Radicchio
4 November 2015
A Venetian classic from Joe's mother-in-law.
Speck and Radicchio Spaghetti Carbonara
28 February 2018
Spend some time in the Veneto during the autumn months and two ingredients come to the fore - speck the fragrant smoked prosciutto and radicchio in all its purple splendour. This recipe is one way to combine them both for a stellar result and a very good excuse to open a bottle of Virginia Vineyard Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy!
Tuscan Style Chicken
7 July 2013
Rob Paglia (from La Dolce Vita Events) has cooked this mouth watering dish for our annual Olive Harvest Celebration for the past two years. Following numerous requests from guests at the lunch Rob has generously shared this Tuscan classic with us. Enjoy!
Venetian Style Duck - Anatra Alla Veneziana
7 February 2014
This simple and fail-safe duck dish has all the key ingredients if Italian cooking; garlic, herbs and cured meat, with the duck ramping it up to something spectacular. The bird is cooked to be so mouth-wateringly tender that once you taste it you will never want to eat duck any other way. Enjoy it with JOSEPH Moda Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot; a stunning match.
Verdure Ripiene - Stuffed Vegetables and Garlic Roast Pork
12 May 2018
This hearty roast is the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas lunch! Roast pork, garlic, fennel and crispy stuffed vegetables combine to form a knock-out accompaniment to our JOSEPH Sparkling Red.

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