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Our Family Recipes

Secondo - Main Dishes

Agnello Cacio e Ova
11 April 2019
This dish from the Abruzzo region of Italy is traditionally served at Easter, but is also delicious during the cooler nights of Autumn and Winter. The unlikely addition of egg and pecorino to lamb creates a creamy, rich sauce perfect for full-bodied reds!
Autumn Slow-Cooked Pork
4 May 2022
The ultimate Italian-style pork roast. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and packed with seasonal flavour.
Calamari alla Siciliana
7 March 2019
This will be your new favourite Summer seafood dish. The caramelised edges of the squid create a delicious combination with thickened olive oil and juicy potatoes. You won't have to worry about leftovers!
Chilli Blue Swimmer Crab
6 August 2022
Love shellfish? Wait until you try this stir-fry chilli crab.
Chorizo-stuffed Squid
22 July 2020
There is no better match for our Sangiovese Rosé than this spicy seafood dish!
Cotoletta alla Bolognese
6 December 2019
This variation on classic Italian crumbed steak comes from Bologna - the food capital of Italy! Prosciutto and Parmesan cheese add a richness that makes it perfect for generous reds like the JOSEPH Nebbiolo.
Fennel-Crusted Pork Ribeye
19 September 2019
This recipe is simple, quick and gives a delicious result for minimum effort - plus it's the ideal match for our savoury red, the Primo & Co 'The Tuscan' Shiraz Sangiovese.
Fritto Misto - Italian Seafood Fry
27 October 2021
This Italian seafood fry, or 'Fritto Misto', is a classic Summer dish in central Italy. Serve with a chilled glass of our Primo Pecorino, and discover heaven on earth!
Insalata di Mare - Seafood Salad
22 April 2021
This light salad of gently cooked seafood is the perfect compliment to our new Fiano.
JOSEPH Olive Oil Steak Dressing
22 September 2021
A simple, healthy dressing which adds incredible flavour to your favourite steaks!
Maiale Al Latte
15 June 2016
This elegant winter dish requires an elegant wine - we love to accompany this dish with our JOSEPH Nebbiolo
Pollo alla ‘Ncip ‘Nciap
18 July 2019
Pollo 'ncip 'nciap (pronounced 'jip and jap') is a delicious, homely chicken dish which originates from the town of Offida in central Italy.
Polpette Al Sugo - Meatballs in Hearty Tomato Sauce
9 July 2020
Capsicum, garlic and nutmeg combine to create the perfect winter-warming Italian polpette (meatballs) in this traditional family recipe.
Prawns with Tomato and Black Olive
18 November 2021
The perfect dish for Rosé! Begging for a chilled glass of our Sangiovese Rosato.
Quaglie in Umido
8 April 2013
A traditional method of cooking game birds, my mother often cooked this dish on Easter Sunday. She would also cook her home-grown pigeons this way.
Salt and Pepper Garfish
27 May 2020
Diced spring onion and fresh chilli add incredible flavour to the golden-fried garfish. This dish is an eternal classic when served alongside our Primo Estate La Biondina.
Sarde Fritte - Fried Sardines
21 November 2019
These crispy fried sardines are the taste of Summer! This recipe is perfect as an antipasto or main, and cries out a for a fresh, fragrant white like our newly released Primo & Co Verdicchio.
Venetian Style Duck - Anatra Alla Veneziana
7 February 2014
This simple and fail-safe duck dish has all the key ingredients if Italian cooking; garlic, herbs and cured meat, with the duck ramping it up to something spectacular. The bird is cooked to be so mouth-wateringly tender that once you taste it you will never want to eat duck any other way. Enjoy it with JOSEPH Moda Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot; a stunning match.
Verdure Ripiene - Stuffed Vegetables and Garlic Roast Pork
12 May 2018
This hearty roast is the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas lunch! Roast pork, garlic, fennel and crispy stuffed vegetables combine to form a knock-out accompaniment to our JOSEPH Sparkling Red.
White Bean Stew with Pork & Fennel Sausage
17 August 2021
This cozy white bean stew will leave you warm and satisfied. Begging to be served with a glass of Shiraz Sangiovese!