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Our Family Recipes

Click on the links below to discover our classic Primo Estate recipes!

Radicchio and Cheese Risotto
18 April 2023
How to get the perfect risotto texture.
Ribollita - Hearty Tuscan Soup
18 May 2023
with crispy pancetta for added flavour!
Rigatoni with Pecorino and Crispy Guanciale
3 July 2024
A pasta dish to uplift the soul! Spectacular with a glass of Merlesco Merlot.
Roast Eggplant with Aged Vinegar Glaze
26 February 2021
The vinegar's sherry-like intensity brings out the eggplant's sweet, earthy flavours.
Roasted Carrots with Zucchini and Feta
22 June 2022
Our go-to recipe for delicious Winter veggies.
Salt and Pepper Garfish
27 May 2020
Diced spring onion and fresh chilli add incredible flavour to the golden-fried garfish. This dish is an eternal classic when served alongside our Primo Estate La Biondina.
Seafood Cannelloni
11 January 2023
We first tried this recipe on Christmas Day, and it was a stunning success. The steaming pasta dish filled our whole home with smells of tomato, lingfish, and fresh prawn.
Seared Scallops with Pancetta and Cauliflower Purée
9 October 2019
A classic combination of flavours inspired by traditional Venetian cooking, this dish comes alive when paired with the delightful new Primo Estate Prosecco.
Shiraz-Braised Sausages
4 April 2024
Add a splash of spicy Shiraz to intensify this dish's tomato and capsicum flavours.
Slow-cooked Fennel in Tomato Sauce
30 August 2022
The perfect vegetarian dish for red wine!🌱🍷
Spaghetti al Tonno
4 January 2023
Savour the taste of the Mediterranean with every bite of this pasta. Infused with the bold flavours of tuna, cherry tomatoes, and capers.
Spaghetti alla Siciliana
11 March 2021
The bold flavours of this simple Sicilian dish are a perfect match for our savoury, spicy Nero d'Avola.
Spaghetti alla Siracusana
13 September 2023
This Mediterranean pasta is crispy, fragrant, and delicious with white wine!
Summer Tiramisu
7 February 2019
This dessert is a delicious Summer twist on the classic Tiramisu. Mango and berries add freshness, flavour and make it a perfect match for the JOSEPH La Magia Botrytis Riesling Traminer.
Uovo Sbattuto - Smashed Eggs!
17 December 2019
This breakfast treat is an Italian Christmas tradition. Serve with Pandoro, coffee and plenty of The Fronti fortified.
Veal Scallops with Herb and Tomato
23 March 2023
Short on time but craving Italian flavours? This delicious Sicilian main takes only 15 minutes to prepare!
Venetian Antipasto Trio
19 March 2020
This month’s recipe is inspired by our latest arrival from Northern Italy: the 2019 Primo & Co Venetian. What better way to enjoy this wine than with some traditional Venetian cicchetti - delicious little bites to snack on before a meal.
Venetian Style Duck - Anatra Alla Veneziana
7 February 2014
This simple and fail-safe duck dish has all the key ingredients if Italian cooking; garlic, herbs and cured meat, with the duck ramping it up to something spectacular. The bird is cooked to be so mouth-wateringly tender that once you taste it you will never want to eat duck any other way. Enjoy it with JOSEPH Moda Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot; a stunning match.
Verdure Ripiene - Stuffed Vegetables and Garlic Roast Pork
12 May 2018
This hearty roast is the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas lunch! Roast pork, garlic, fennel and crispy stuffed vegetables combine to form a knock-out accompaniment to our JOSEPH Sparkling Red.
White Bean Stew with Pork & Fennel Sausage
17 August 2021
This cozy white bean stew will leave you warm and satisfied. Begging to be served with a glass of Shiraz Sangiovese!