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Our Family Recipes

Click on the links below to discover our classic Primo Estate recipes!

Verdure Ripiene - Stuffed Vegetables and Garlic Roast Pork
12 May 2018
This hearty roast is the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas lunch! Roast pork, garlic, fennel and crispy stuffed vegetables combine to form a knock-out accompaniment to our JOSEPH Sparkling Red.
White Bean Stew with Pork & Fennel Sausage
17 August 2021
This cozy white bean stew will leave you warm and satisfied. Begging to be served with a glass of Shiraz Sangiovese!
Winter Orecchiette with Tuscan Kale
24 June 2020
This hearty winter recipe is a medley of our favourite Northern Italian flavours - Tuscan Kale, Orecchiette (little ear pasta) and Guanciale (cured pork).