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Celebrating La Dolce Vita

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PRIMO STYLE BOOK - A wealth of family recipes, stories and tips on living La Dolce Vita as Joe Grilli looks back over 35 years of Primo Estate

Salame, Pomodoro & Formaggio Salad
28 November 2017
One of Georgina’s family favourites; so simple but so delicious whether as an hors d’ouvre at aperitivo time, a dish of its own or even a side dish. We love washing this down with chilled glasses of Primo Secco!
Scallop and Eggplant Risotto
28 March 2018
One of Georgina’s cousins is an accomplished chef and for a while cooked full time for the Alfa Romeo team of test drivers at their famous Balocco track – which in my eyes makes him a certified legend! He prepared this sublime take on a seafood risotto for dinner one night and I can’t think of a better dish right now for the Primo Estate La Biondina Colombard. Enjoy!
Seafood Pasta from Puglia
9 February 2015
Joe's holiday to the southern Italian region of Puglia inspired this delicious seafood pasta that goes beautifully with the JOSEPH Pinot Grigio d'Elena. We love the way it combines seafood and vegetables to make the sublime sauce. The perfect spring meal as the days grow longer and the buds burst in the vineyard.
Silvana's Bean and Capsicum Salad
2 April 2014
Lunch or dinner at Dina's mum Silvana's place would not be complete without a bowl of this delicious salad on the table. the red, white and green of the Italian flag are best shown off in a clear bowl. The perfect accompaniment to Pinot Grigio on a hot day.
Simple Summer Pasta
4 April 2013
The green finish of JOSEPH First Run Extra Virgin Olive Oil balances the sweetness of the tomatoes in this delicious pasta dish - sure to be a hit when served outside on a summer evening
Singapore Chilli Crab
26 March 2013
Primo Estate’s Patricia was born and raised in Singapore; she remembers the joys of the national dish from a young age. Patricia describes her childhood memories of the dish, "the thick, messy, sweet, spicy, tomatoey sauce with egg stirred through making it all gooey and gloopy was a joy to eat!" What kid (big and small!) doesn't want an excuse to lick their fingers! Perfect with a cold glass of Primo Estate La Biondinaon a hot summer night. Salute!
Spaghetti al Limone
27 March 2017
This light and refreshing pasta dish is delicious and easy to make. Perfect on it's own or with added seasonal vegetables or seafood, this partners well with our Primo & Co The Venetian Garganega. Enjoy!
Spaghetti Puttanesca
3 October 2018
This simple and easy pasta is perfect for feeding the whole family on a Sunday lunch. Don't spare the anchovies!
Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli and Olive Oil
1 August 2018
This classic vegetarian pasta is transformed by a touch of chilli and the freshly pressed JOSEPH First Run Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Speck and Radicchio Spaghetti Carbonara
28 February 2018
Spend some time in the Veneto during the autumn months and two ingredients come to the fore - speck the fragrant smoked prosciutto and radicchio in all its purple splendour. This recipe is one way to combine them both for a stellar result and a very good excuse to open a bottle of Virginia Vineyard Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy!
Summer Tiramisu
7 February 2019
This dessert is a delicious Summer twist on the classic Tiramisu. Mango and berries add freshness, flavour and make it a perfect match for the JOSEPH La Magia Botrytis Riesling Traminer.
The Grilli's 'Panzanella' (Vineyard Breakfast)
8 April 2013
The Grilli's vineyard breakfast for harvest time - fast, filling and delicious
The Grilli's 'Pinzimonio' (Olive Oil Dip)
8 April 2013
The Grilli's favourite olive oil dip - the best way to enjoy fresh oil
Tre Formaggi Risotto
27 April 2017
There are a million variations on risotto but this is our family favourite!
Tuscan Pork Skewers
4 December 2013
Bring a taste of Tuscany to your next party with this delicious easy finger food recipe, perfect for any gathering or celebration.
Tuscan Style Chicken
7 July 2013
Rob Paglia (from La Dolce Vita Events) has cooked this mouth watering dish for our annual Olive Harvest Celebration for the past two years. Following numerous requests from guests at the lunch Rob has generously shared this Tuscan classic with us. Enjoy!
Tuscan Tuna Salad
4 April 2013
This simple and satisfying Italian classic is a summer favourite. Found on menus all over Italy we enjoyed the version pictured in the Tuscan coastal town of Forte dei Marmi.
Venetian Risi e Bisi
4 April 2013
The quintessential Venetian dish, for hundreds of years Risi e Bisi was so highly esteemed that Venetians were only permitted to enjoy it on feast days by order of the Doge. Somewhere between a soup and a risotto you don't have to wait for a feast day to enjoy this quick and easy dish, the perfect pairing with our Merlesco Merlot
Venetian Style Duck - Anatra Alla Veneziana
7 February 2014
This simple and fail-safe duck dish has all the key ingredients if Italian cooking; garlic, herbs and cured meat, with the duck ramping it up to something spectacular. The bird is cooked to be so mouth-wateringly tender that once you taste it you will never want to eat duck any other way. Enjoy it with JOSEPH Moda Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot; a stunning match.
Verdure Ripiene - Stuffed Vegetables and Garlic Roast Pork
12 May 2018
This hearty roast is the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas lunch! Roast pork, garlic, fennel and crispy stuffed vegetables combine to form a knock-out accompaniment to our JOSEPH Sparkling Red.
Warm Ceci Salad
4 August 2013
A delicious side for any meat dish
9 April 2013
Our deliciously rich 2010 Primo Estate Zamberlan Cabernet Sauvignon Sangiovese is the perfect pairing with this seasonal spring recipe from Rob Paglia at La Dolce Vita (many of you will recognise Rob as the chef behind our fabulous cellar door lunches). It is such a great match for our 'baby Moda' Zamberlan that we call it 'Zamberlamb'.
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Primo Style Recipe Book

Discover a wealth of family recipes, stories and tips on living La Dolce Vita as Joe Grilli looks back over 35 years of Primo Estate in his beautiful book of authentic Italian recipes and family memories.

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