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Our Family Recipes

Click on the links below to discover our classic Primo Estate recipes!

Grilled Octopus with Smoky Chorizo
1 December 2022
A seafood starter like no other. This dish is smoky, crispy, salty...and downright delicious! It's heaven on earth when served with a chilled glass of our Fiano.
Grilled Soy Cod
15 May 2024
...we've added crispy pancetta for that extra crunch!
Insalata di Mare - Seafood Salad
22 April 2021
This light salad of gently cooked seafood is the perfect compliment to our new Fiano.
Joe's Grilled Mussels
26 May 2021
Joe's favourite seafood appetizer - toasty grilled mussels. Perfect with a chilled bottle of La Biondina!
JOSEPH Olive Oil Steak Dressing
22 September 2021
A simple, healthy dressing which adds incredible flavour to your favourite steaks!
Lamb Cacciatore
22 February 2023
Simmer up this rustic recipe with tender lamb, fragrant herbs, and hearty tomatoes.
Maiale Al Latte
15 June 2016
This elegant winter dish requires an elegant wine - we love to accompany this dish with our JOSEPH Nebbiolo
Mussels in White Wine Broth
17 May 2023
Great for grazing while you sip a glass of white!
Nonna's Christmas Biscotti
21 December 2023
Nonna Grilli would make these delicious bow-shaped biscuits for Christmas morning. Perfect with coffee and a glass of The Fronti!
Olive Oil & Rosemary Cake
6 July 2023
Haven't tried olive oil for baking? This will make you a true believer!
Pandoro Christmas Tree Cake
23 December 2020
A super-easy, showstopping Christmas dessert - it even looks the part!
Pane con Uovo e Bellini
31 October 2018
French Toast made in the Italian tradition! As many Italians do, we've added crispy prosciutto and vino cotto to make a sweet and salty treat. Serve with a refreshing Bellini for the perfect Sunday morning...
Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding
12 August 2022
An Italian take on this classic dessert. Perfect for using up any excess Christmas Panettone! 🎄🎅
Pasta Pomodorini
7 January 2023
Delicious and simple, the key to this pasta is plenty of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and grated Pecorino.
Poached Ling Fish with Potatoes and Black Olives
27 October 2022
The vibrant flavours of our JOSEPH Olive Oil are fully expressed in this sublime seafood dish.
Polenta and Ricotta Cake with Red Wine Peaches
2 December 2020
This month's recipe is for using up the last of your Summer fruit - the flavoursome grittiness of the polenta cake perfectly balances the syupy sweetness of the red wine peaches.
Polpette Al Sugo - Meatballs in Hearty Tomato Sauce
9 July 2020
Capsicum, garlic and nutmeg combine to create the perfect winter-warming Italian polpette (meatballs) in this traditional family recipe.
Prawn and Scallops in Saffron Sauce
1 January 2024
The fragrance of leeks, crème fraiche, and saffron elevate the fresh seafood flavours to something magic!
Prawns with Tomato and Black Olive
18 November 2021
The perfect dish for Rosé! Begging for a chilled glass of our Sangiovese Rosato.
Prosecco Christmas Cocktail
28 November 2023
...with fresh cherries, mint, and a dash of fortified wine!