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Primo Estate
1 February 2011 | Primo Estate

The Pinnacle of Australian Sparkling Red

Renowned wine critic Philip White has reviewed the JOSEPH Sparkling Red on his Drinkster Blog.

Easily the pinnacle of Australian sparkling red, this astonishing wine holds select bits and pieces from over forty vintages, and only Bacchus knows eactly which varieties.  Joe Grilli basically watched Robert O'Callaghan pinch the old recipe he learned from Colin Preece at Great Western, and with his typical gastronomic passion and rare intellectual rigour, outdid them both with finesse, complexity and consistency.  While the legendary Rockford Black suffers fits of terrible cork, brettanomycaes, staleness and whatnot, the JOSPEH Red simply offers deadly velvety luxury and consistency the like of which you'd otherwise only expect in something like Krug.  Like that mighty Champenoise wonder of the blending bench and reserve cellar, this wine manages to contain all that ancient base material, and yet pour in the most disarmingly fresh, matter-of-fact manner.  One can glower over it, pondering, or simply sock it away with the sort of beetroot grin you'd earn at the most carnal bacchanale.

95+ points.

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