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17 May 2011 | Primo Estate

JOSEPH Angel Gully is one of McLaren Vale's 'Scarce Earth' wines.

The 2009 JOSEPH Angel Gully Shiraz has been selected as one of 19 'Scarce Earth' wines - single-block wines that represent the best that McLaren Vale has to offer.

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Primo Estate
2 April 2011 | Primo Estate

Primo Secco Is Reviewed

Franz Scheurer has reviewed our new Primo Secco on Australian Gourmet Pages.  Franz writes:

This is the first white sparkling I've seen from Primo Estate and it's a winner. It has all the hallmarks for quality you've come to expect from Joseph and Dina Grilli. It's made in a Prosecco style but it is considerably drier than any Prosecco I've tried. It has a lovely fruit-forward bouquet and the aromas (later confirmed on the palate) remind me of the floral, perfumed richness of a Trebbiano grape. It's only RRP $20 and at that it's a steal.

To view his April 2011 article head to

Click Here to order Primo Secco now!

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Primo Estate
31 March 2011 | Primo Estate

The Age reviews La Biondina: 'full of life'

Despite approaching her 30th vintage in 2011, La Biondina shows that she is still 'full of life' and can capture the hearts of wine critics Australia wide with this latest mention in The Age, Tuesday March 29, 2011.

Ralph Kyte-Powell writes:

"Colombard usually misses out when it comes to perceptions of wine quality but Joe Grilli of Primo Estate has elevated its status through La Biondina (the blonde). Made from grapes grown close to Adelaide, the 2010 typifies the style -- fresh, grapey, uncomplicated but full of life. Not quite as much passionfruit as previous editions, it's still succulent and zippy. 4 Stars."


Click here to order some 'full of life' La Biondina for yourself!

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Primo Estate
25 March 2011 | Primo Estate

Primo Secco is Launched

Long time fans of Italian Prosecco, Joe and Dina Grilli have turned their hands to the production of a delicate and aromatic sparkling wine with the same crisp savoury finish of the afore mentioned Venetian classic.

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Primo Estate
25 March 2011 | Primo Estate

Tyson Stelzer and Nick Stock go to town on Primo Estate and JOSEPH wines!

Tyson Stelzer and Nick Stock, writers of the monthly independent wine magazine Wine 100, have fallen in love with the current release Primo Estate and JOSEPH red wines. The March/April 2011 issue of the magazine reviews no less than five of our wines, ranging from the flagship Moda Cabernet Merlot to the lively Merlesco:


JOSEPH Moda Cabernet Merlot 2008: 95 points

"The influence of grapes dried before crushing is something to behold. Complexity of roast tomatoes, fresh-baked foccacia, black olives and.dried herbs over blackcurrant and liquorice, supported by firm, fine tannins and a flourish of tangy acidity at the end." -- Tyson Stelzer

JOSEPH Angel Gully Shiraz 2008: 94/93 points

"Plush, deeply-fruited McLaren Vale Shiraz is a joy when it's held together by finely-structured tannins. A concoction of everything black: blackberries, blueberries, plums, cherries, liquorice, black pastilles and anise." -- Tyson Stelzer

"This Clarendon Shiraz embraces the ripeness of the 2008 vintage but still holds fresh with red fruits, spice, liquorice, chocolate and dark berries. Same for the palate which has richness, texture and flavour, dark fruits freshen to red through the finish ." -- Nick Stock

Primo Estate Zamberlan Cabernet Sangiovese 2008: 94 points

"A remarkably-crafted wine drinking very well now thanks to dimensions of complexity, but with structure and poise to age reliably for the medium-term. The secret is to pass it over the concentrated, dried out skins of Moda, enhancing its savoury complexity, crunchy berries and finely textural tannins." -- Tyson Stelzer

Primo Estate Il Briccone Shiraz Sangiovese 2009: 91 points

"Intentionally generous, this is a rich, deep, black-fruited Shiraz with the savoury olive nuances of Sangiovese to keep it under control. Taut, finely-structured, savoury tannins lace together its plum, prune, forrest berry and coal flavours." -- Tyson Stelzer

Primo Estate Merlesco Merlot 2010: 91 points

Playful and vivacious, this is a bubbling pot of wild berries and every incarnation of spice that you could conjure. There's a characteristic Merlot lift of violet and rose petal perfume. With its softly textural tannins, it enjoys a light chill." -- Tyson Stelzer


Click here to order these wines for yourself today!

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Primo Estate
15 March 2011 | Primo Estate

John Lewis Reviews La Biondina

Wine critic John Lewis from the Newcastle Herald has written a review of the Primo Estate La Biondina in the paper's February 5th issue.

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Primo Estate
9 February 2011 | Primo Estate

Jeremy Oliver Reviews Primo Colombard

Jeremy Oliver Reviews 2010 Colombard in this Month's Gourmet Traveller

A lively, juicy and punchy young white from a variety that has never really caught the imagination of the public, other than for this label. It’s scented with a floral and gently herbal aroma of melon, citrus and light tropical fruit. Bright and breezy, its concentrated palate of citrus and tropical flavours has a round, unctuous quality that is neatly wound up by a trim, tart acidity. It finishes with a lasting impression of freshness and brightness.

To order the 2010 La Biondina Colombard, please click here.

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Primo Estate
1 February 2011 | Primo Estate

The Pinnacle of Australian Sparkling Red

Renowned wine critic Philip White has reviewed the JOSEPH Sparkling Red on his Drinkster Blog.

Easily the pinnacle of Australian sparkling red, this astonishing wine holds select bits and pieces from over forty vintages, and only Bacchus knows eactly which varieties.  Joe Grilli basically watched Robert O'Callaghan pinch the old recipe he learned from Colin Preece at Great Western, and with his typical gastronomic passion and rare intellectual rigour, outdid them both with finesse, complexity and consistency.  While the legendary Rockford Black suffers fits of terrible cork, brettanomycaes, staleness and whatnot, the JOSPEH Red simply offers deadly velvety luxury and consistency the like of which you'd otherwise only expect in something like Krug.  Like that mighty Champenoise wonder of the blending bench and reserve cellar, this wine manages to contain all that ancient base material, and yet pour in the most disarmingly fresh, matter-of-fact manner.  One can glower over it, pondering, or simply sock it away with the sort of beetroot grin you'd earn at the most carnal bacchanale.

95+ points.

Click Here to order the JOSEPH Sparkling Red online

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Primo Estate
19 January 2011 | Primo Estate

Con Brio Newsletter

Published bi-annually, our Con Brio (With Passion) newsletter is packed with stories and information about Primo Estate, new products and recipes.

To view recent editions click below:

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Primo Estate
18 January 2011 | Primo Estate

JOSEPH Nebbiolo 2008 - Wine of the Week

Stewart Noble has picked the 2008 JOSEPH Nebbiolo as his wine of the week...

Stewart writes:

Light cherry red in colour this wine has a really unique and pleasant aroma that includes savoury, floral and faint fruit elements. Those faint fruit elements in the aroma actually become more noticeable in this wine’s flavour profile but it is still well balanced with savoury and spicy elements. Silky smooth with enjoyable and unique aromas and flavours I found this wine rather delicious and definitely something I would have again.

To read the full article follow this link :

You can also visit Stewart's site,

The 2008 JOSEPH Nebbiolo is available to order online at

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