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30 July 2015 | News and Events | Primo Estate

96 Points for 2013 JOSEPH Moda!

We are thrilled that Master of Wine Rob Geddes gave our newly released 2013 JOSEPH Moda Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 96 points. Rob writes:

"The aromas are intriguing from its complex mix of the fresh and more mature cedar, black currant, celery, angostura and meatstock. The medium bodied, elegant, long palate is a joy. It has a lusciousness from tannins, cloaked in ripe bramble and white truffle fruits, with the length of finely wrought flavours holding well into the finish. It requires deep knowledge and a very sophisticated art form to understand the techniques used to deliver a wine so seemingly elegant, deep, and complex."

- Rob Geddes MW, Author of Australian Wine Vintages


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