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Primo Estate
11 October 2012 | News and Events | Primo Estate

Oz Clarke Rates JOSEPH d'Elena & Moda 'Classy stuff'!

Legendary UK wine writer Oz Clarke has given us a glowing write-up in the 2013 edition of his Oz Clarke Wine Guide:

2011 Primo Estate Joseph Pinot Grigio d’Elena

Pinot Grigio on the label usually suggests a fairly light, insubstantial little thing for carefree glugging and tittering conversation. But not when the mighty Joe Grilli gets involved. Joe never skimps on flavour in his wines, and this really is classy stuff that pushes the Pinot Grigio style as far as it can go. Fluffy apple flesh and pale peach, golden-gage plum skins and bright lemony acidity are tinged by country smoke and laid on a yeasty bed of savoury cream.

No, 14 Red - 2010 Primo Joseph Cabernet Merlot Moda Amarone

Don’t hurry this wine. I’ve kept the odd bottle of this wine to see how it ages. Well, it just gets better and better, and I’m not sure any of mine are even ready yet – and we’re going back 10 vintages here. This 2010 is probably the longest-tasting ever... (Joe Grilli) dries these grapes to concentrate their flavours before fermenting them, and the first impression is of a dark, chewy black wine. But swirl the glass, take your time, and slowly dark, sweet blackcurrant, black cherry and Rosa plum fruit emerges, some mint and eucalyptus scent, some pastry dough and toffee softness, even while a tongue-tingling sourness pokes its fingers into the wines’s ribs. Drink it now if you must, but all of this promise will exhibit a rare brilliance in 10 years’ time.


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