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18 August 2011 | Primo Estate

Moda Makes the Top Dozen

The 2008 JOSEPH Moda has made The Australian Wine Journal's Top Dozen for 2010/11.

Up and coming wine blogger Chris Plummer has just released his inaugural Top Dozen wines.  Chris selected the 2008 JOSEPH Moda in his best wines of the year alongside names like Cullen, Grosset, Wendouree and Tapanappa.

Chris writes of the 2008 Moda:  Like the Wendouree, Joseph's 2008 Moda was hardly born out of a wonderful year for McLaren Vale cabernet, but this time, I feel Joe Grilli's freakish winemaking abilities have helped carve out a magnificent wine every bit as much as the choice of his vineyard site and its management. In fact, McLaren Vale's suffered through a few less than perfect cabernet vintages lately, but Grilli's time proven ability to make deliciously rich, hedonistically smooth, ripe and dusty cabernet merlots using the Italian Amarone method of drying grapes on racks after harvest, has once again produced a stunning take on McLaren Vale cabernet. As with Wendouree's 2008 Cabernet Malbec, I don't actually feel the 2008 Moda is one of Jospeh's very best vintages, but it still serves as a benchmark as to what can be achieved in unbelievably hot, dry seasons.

Click here view the Australian Wine Journal blog

Sadly we sold out of the 2008 JOSEPH Moda earlier this year, however the current 2009 vintage is also looking superb!

Click here to see the new vintage Moda


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